How to wipe a partitioned ADP NetApp system

With ONTAP 9, there is now an “option 9” in the boot menu that allows you to re-initialise a system to/from ADP, like wipeconfig.

It is a three step process to wipe an HA pair – the first one, option 9a –  removes the existing partition information. And the second, option 9b, will repartition and re-initialise the system, and then finally on the node that was halted, boot it, then wipe it (option 4) from its boot menu.

* Advanced Drive Partitioning Boot Menu Options *
(9a) Unpartition disks and remove their ownership information.
(9b) Clean configuration and initialize node with partitioned disks.
(9c) Clean configuration and initialize node with whole disks.
(9d) Reboot the node.
(9e) Return to main boot menu.

The caveat is that one node has to be halted at the LOADER> prompt while you run the first two commands. That should be it!


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